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#MBFashionDay. on March 17 in St. Petersburg

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#MBFashionDay. on March 17 in St. Petersburg
On Saturday, March 17, #MBFashionDay took place in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg. Russian brands Dress by Olya Gerasimenko, L’EREDE, IANIS CHAMALIDI, VIKKI (Victoria Afanaseva), winners of the New Names in Design-2018 Awards by the Sobaka.ru, and IGOR GULYAEV presented their collections.
Dress by Olya Gerasimenko is a brand of the young designer from St. Petersburg. Inspired by Eleanor Farjeon’s tale about Lotta, the apprentice to a Big Dressmaker, in 2015 Olga Gerasimenko established a clothing brand of her own. Key items of this brand are dresses, romantic and graceful, as if made to walk along Neva embankments.
Her new capsule collection is dedicated to Goddess TARA, patroness of fire with 21 emanations. A flowing powdery-shaded dress, a jacket of metal coated satin, a very British checked raincoat, pants with side stripes, a coat on the naked body and a halter neck dress… Sporty trousers were finely paired with transparent tulle shirts, and the designer proposed wearing an oversize hoodie over a dress. Pink socks with shoes of the 60s, wide sashes and shoulder belts that the models wore on their wrists and necks, narrow ribbon scarves extending the silhouettes, and roses made of folded satin welt – these accessories brightened up even the most ordinary looks. Cross-body murses migrated from club fashion to classic looks. Basic colors – beige gold, lavender, cream, and pink (even on hair of the models). Fabrics – chiffon, tulle, and lots of satin.
Photos: https://yadi.sk/d/6VoAwrEO3TZFrX

L’EREDE is a Russian brand of children clothing in the premium segment. The brand appeared in the Russian market in 2015 and secured there reliably owing to high quality handmade goods and compliance with the global trends.
The collection presented at MBFashionDay featured sequins all over the catwalk and the clothes. Most of the looks were monochrome, with a single bright acid color – fuchsia, lilac, maroon, red, green, or white. Standup collars and sleeve cuffs were decorated with sequins. Jersey clothes with knitted large braids, outer garments clothing with basque, eco-fur coats with ear-flapped caps. Fish-cut gowns looked interesting on young girls. We should specially mention the line of gala dresses for girls – velvet, sequin fabric, and ostrich feathers. The brand designers didn’t forget the boys, either, offering them bright colored leather asymmetric zip coats, colorful jackets, and suits. The show was crowned by a bouffant hooped dress made of green satin covered with black net. The lighting used during the show (violet and green circles on the catwalk) matched the collection colors. The brand designers also appeared on the podium wearing bright total looks.
Photos: https://yadi.sk/d/Mymj6sKD3TZFtC
IANIS CHAMALIDI is a Petersburg brand with interesting history. Ianis Chamalidi presented his first collection in 1993. Since then he worked on stage images of Petersburg Olympic medalists in figure skating, scenic projects, won the Designer of the Year title twice, and was highly appreciated by the foreign Mass Media.
His collection presented at MBFashionDay featured laconic and classic total black in the manner of the brand. Floor length relaxed fit clothes, light fabrics, transparent blouses, and mantles. Special focus was on details – headwear, face veils, silvery netted hood reminding of a medieval chainmail, a coat with “bird feathers” made of oil silk. Hairstyles elaborated the looks harmonically, changing from slightly waved to loose straight hair. During the show Neo-classic symphonic violin music was played as a background.
Photos: https://yadi.sk/d/WWW3Y-bo3TZFuH

VIKKI (Victoria Afanaseva) is yet another Petersburg brand, a permanent participant of #MBFashionDay.
Sporty chik, jersey knitted suites with high-heels, cosmic decoration elements on pants, a red turtle neck dress, a futuristic plum-shaded overcoat, a gradient sweater, zippers, prints like molecular structures from a chemistry schoolbook. Basic colors of the collection: violet, gray, black, and red. Fabrics: transparent tulle for blouses, plush for pants, velvet and silk. Regular unfussy fit gives the impression of a minimum of clothes, as if they were slipped over a naked androgenic body. Multiple levels and flower appliqués are recurrent elements of the collection. Decorations extend to the bodies of the models, too. MUAH: tight topknots of straight hair and colorful circles painted on cheekbones.
Photos: https://yadi.sk/d/8e-Aoj783TZFvi

10 young brands, winners of the New Names in Design-2018 Awards by Sobaka.ru Magazine.
To take part in the contest, designers from all over Russia sent their complete look-books to be considered by the Expert Board, including the Russian Fashion Council. The show turned out to be a genuine performance, with live music and true emotions, and real characters.
LIZURá. The New Classic presented wearable epatage: black color, natural flowers, transparent organza, and singer Shura Kuznetsova in the lead. The most remarkable pieces were silvery knee-high boots, a velvet asymmetric zip leather jacket, and transparent net pants. Well, plenty of transparent things there.
ALKHANASHVILI. Make Him Listen To His Heart presented a menswear collection in cold shades of blue and grey. Overcoats and jackets worn next to skin, overalls, and tied up sashes. This is a story of every person having the right to look on the outside just as he feels inside, no matter all the social condemnation and disapproval. The show was opened by an actor of the Alexandrinsky Theatre.
404 NOT FOUND. Will Moscow believe tears today? – In its Autumn/winter 2018/19 collection, the brand queries the character of the ‘Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears’ film. The show started with appearance of the “violet queen”. Epatage and tattooed bodies were there. The jacket-like mantle, its top cut down to the shoulders, a fur-lined coat, flowers in hands of the models, casually messed up braids and odd earrings made of feathers and furry balls that 10 years ago were used as pendants for flip phones.
Esenina. Kurazhi – “Dress up to turn every place into a party.” Festive hairstyles in the truest sense of this word. Collections of bright headwear, feathers, a butterfly net, a male model in a dress, his high-heels hanging down from his neck as a boa. Eyes covered with a blindfold reminding of a typical Soviet floor-lamp, with eyes and mouth kissing appliqué, though. The show was opened by Andrew Gordon, a basketball player for Zenit.
Roma Sharuk. Sharuk - the fashion show started with a model doing a cartwheel along the catwalk. Highlights of the collection - loose satin night-gown dresses, grey loose coat, frill sleeves like Pierrot wore in the old Soviet film the Golden Key, black corset. The designer used daring combination of pastel colors with items featuring underground style and presentation.
Fashion Icon. Soul is the winner of Internet voting. Despite the fact that Katya Ivanchikova IOWA was the headliner of the show, models walked the runway to the background of electronic music hit of last fall - rockstar. The catwalk was full of floral prints, coats, headwear made of caracul, some ethnic elements and dresses with 18th century vibes.
Forest Demons by Vlad Martynenkov and MARTYNENKOV design displayed Chinese themes along with red and black colors. The show featured jumpsuits with a somewhat anatomic print, red metal coated knee-boots, dress with naked breasts, huge steel earrings and even grass in the ears. The designer was inspired by forest and a bold woman who easily survive there.
Volshebova.#pinkogram was a manifest of the pink: pink total looks, pink hair, pink feathers and pink boys. Adolescent style on brutal personalities. Cable-net knitting, faux fur, puffer jackets and satin ribbons as furnishing elements.
RomaUvarovDesign is about combination of simple white items and underground. Vinyl skirt looking a like a X-ray image, transparent bags, colorful pockets on deliberately flared shirts, hoodies with signs. Details gathered on the surface of white clothes like on a canvas establish the collection.
VANYA BORISOVNA. Kendo and Pokras Lampas showcased Vetements inspired collection. The items were oversized, featured Japanese attributes, checked jackets, everything looked huge and extremely trendy. Colors of the collection are red, black and white. Primary decoration element - painting and Oriental characters from Pokras Lampas.
Photos: https://yadi.sk/d/Svh9cDPu3TZFxi

IGOR GULYAEV is an all-timer of MBFW Russia in Moscow and St Petersburg.
Collection Fall/Winter 2018-19 TO BE CONTINUED was traditionally presented a professional fashion performance. The show had the fanfare opening by the film shield, continued by models' interaction on the runway and completed by inviting the guests to walk along the Fame Alley made on the catwalk. Among the items were complex headwear pieces, Scottish checker, bright colors where could hardly underline only one. It seems the designer used every possible color combination. DNA of the brand, the furs, were displayed in the collection by dyed furs with animalistic prints. Velvet, dense multicolored tights. Among the unexpected highlights were bright flared pants of dark red velvet with green piping, Boho style and elements of chain mail-armor, new attributes for the designer. Igor Gulyaev among many others followed the world trend and made a 'GULYAEV COLLECTION' print on side stripes. The collection features extravagant and bold looks, complex and complicated items when one can observe clothing as a piece of art comprehending the details. One could trace large stitches on coats, symbol of the Fashion House on the poncho, the architecture of fabrics and accessories. On the other hand, the collection also featured simple casual looks which cold daily worn in our mundane life. There were also several items in sporty style. Collection from Igor Gulyaev made up a complete wardrobe for the season Fall/Winter 2018-19.
After the final catwalk entry, guests of the show heard the song Moon River composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, models started dancing and invited guests to the runway.
Fashion show from IGOR GULYAEV closed MBFashionDay in St Petersburg.

Photos: https://yadi.sk/d/f5SYJRzn3TZFzC

BACKSTAGE: https://yadi.sk/d/gnYw1tfd3TZGWJ

Title partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg – Mercedes-Benz.

Star of the car catwalk of MBFW Russia

Major star of the car catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia was the new Mercedes-Benz CLS. New CLS is the pioneer of a new design idiom from Mercedes-Benz which is recognizable by its clear contours and reduced lines. Its character is marked by a grille contour that widens towards the base and a forward-slanting front section. Other features include wide, low-set headlamps and two-section tail lights At the same time the design reflects the timeless aura of the first CLS, which founded a new segment and quickly became a design icon. All CLS models are equipped with new engines: in-line six-cylinder and in-line four-cylinder units as diesel and petrol versions. Like its predecessors, the new CLS exudes self-assured sportiness in exemplary style: a highly emotive vehicle offering impressive long-distance and acoustic comfort coupled with thrilling, unrivalled technology. The four-door coupé will enter the market in March 2018.

Title Partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St.Petersburg – Mercedes-Benz

Partners of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg:
L’Oréal Professionnel (official stylist), Mary Kay® (official make-up artist).

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